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Santosh Jagtap

About santosh eknath jagtap is Busineessman active under Social work under NGO. eknathkak jagtap pratishthan in puradhar rular area in different area like social work, Education,Healthcare,Enviormental area,he one of reputed people in saswad area .Leaders communicate in the sense that people around them know what they are trying to do. At this moment, our focus is on the prevailing issue of lack of basic education and health of the children who live in slums. We want to create a volunteering movement where educated people like you and us can take charge of destiny of the underprivileged children and thus proudly - and together - build a stronger, vibrant, empathic and developed society. Working for causes like - care of the slum kids, disabled or orphaned or uncared children to improve the quality of their childhood is our prime motto. Check out our projects and campaigns

Eknath Kaka Jagtap Pratisthan !

Office Address

    Saswad-Jejuri Road Opposite
    Saswad Police Station,
    Saswad Tal-Purandhar Dist-Pune,412301
    Mno : +91 9422522527

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